Understanding the E-Way Bill Under GST

In this article I will be discussing the provisions of E-Way Bill under GST. I will be covering the following points here:What is...

GSTR 3B: The Simplified GST Return for July and August 2017

GSTR 3B is the latest buzz in the field of GST and you may be having some of the following questions in your mind...

Job Work Under GST

GST on Works Contract


Excel Spreadsheet Help: How To Start Working With Excel

This article will provide you with basic excel spreadsheet help to assist you in getting...

Get Familiar With Microsoft Excel: Learn Excel Basics

Hi There! Today we will proceed with our tutorial and learn Excel basics. In the...

Welcome To The World of MS Excel

Introduction to ExcelHi There! This is the first post related to a series of tutorials...


Non Profit Accounting: Accounting for Non Profit Organizations

Introduction to Non Profit Accounting There are many organisations which are not run with the objective of earning profit. In this article we will learn how to do accounting for non profit organisations (which we...
conversion method of single entry system

The Transaction Approach or The Conversion Method of Single Entry System

Introduction to the Conversion Method of Single Entry System The Conversion Method of Single Entry System is a more scientific way of preparation of Final Accounts from Incomplete Records. It is also called the Transaction...
Statement of Affairs

Statement of Affairs Method for Calculation of Profit or Loss under Single Entry System

A trader may keep his accounting records under the single entry system due to lack of resources or expertise. However he would be equally eager to calculate his profit or loss from his business...
Single Entry System

Single Entry System: Accounting for Small Business from Incomplete Records:

Introduction to Single Entry System Who use the Single Entry System and Why? Single Entry System of Accounting, also known as Accounting from Incomplete Records, is a non-standard and non-scientific system of accounting. This system is...

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