Sum of Years Digit Method of Depreciation

The Sum of years digit method of depreciation is a revised form of Written down value or Reducing balance method of depreciation

Written Down Value or Reducing/ Diminishing Balance Method of Depreciation

Depreciation is the process of allocation of cost of an asset over its estimated useful life. This allocation is done by means of charging depreciation on the value of the Asset...

Methods of Depreciation: Straight Line Method or Fixed Installment Method

In the field of accountancy, several methods of charging depreciation are adopted by different entities. However before beginning with the discussion I would like to clarify that the methods of charging...

Accounting for Depreciation

In this article we will discuss the alternative methods to account for depreciation in the books of accounts. If you want to read about the concept of depreciation and why it...

Depreciation: Meaning and Need

Fixed Assets are held in business concerns for regular use and not for resale. However a fixed asset cannot render unlimited service to the business. Except Land, all other fixed assets...

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